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"She helped me find ways to heal my extreme physical weakness and go through and transform tremendous emotional grief in a few months time – I am now steadily improving my health and inner peace." Read more


Elizabeth specializes in the leadership needs of professionals.

As a professional you recognize the value of knowing how to…

  • lead others during change and crisis.
  • deal with difficult people.
  • end power struggles, hidden agendas and cloudy communication.
  • foster innovation and capitalize on opportunities.
  • execute initiatives more effectively and efficiently.
  • lead a life outside the office that is restorative and invigorating.

One of the most important skills Elizabeth brings to life leadership coaching is an understanding of group dynamics and the skills necessary to problem solve and promote team work. This is especially applicable in business.

Studies have shown that life leadership coaching increases profitability and productivity in the workplace. Invest in yourself and your employees.