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Taking A Break

Friday, July 31, 2009

I am tired but can’t seem to stop Facebooking, Tweeting, writing about leadership and surfing the web. I thought I needed some food to provide much needed energy. But even after a delicious lunch of organic lunchmeat and cheese on gluten free bread with a side of sautéed veggies fresh from my garden I’m still tired. I used to ignore my body’s signals to rest, slow down or stop. I’d end up flat on my back with pain so bad it took a couple days of codeine to get any relief. I am amazed now when I feel my neck aching that I used to ignore it. Where on earth did I learn I was a machine?

I hope it is not over stating the obvious to write – I am not a machine. I need rest, food (hopefully delicious), and play in addition to work. And the funny thing is I need the rest, food and play in order to work better, smarter and more successfully.

So here I am on Friday afternoon with my eyes drooping as I write this. It is time to call it a day. Wow, it just started pouring rain. How perfectly timed it is to hear the pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof and against the window. A gift. I’ll allow the rhythm of the rain to lull to sleep. I’ll plan my weekend later!

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