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The Impact of Life Leadership

Monday, May 6, 2013
posted in Life Leadership

“Leaders are ordinary people that understand that they make a difference and have made the decision to determine the kind of difference they will make.” 
Michael McKinney

Life leadership focuses on harnessing our leadership potential in order to build positive, stable, creative personal and professional relationships and environments. It is about acting with a purpose rather than reacting without consideration of the outcome. It demands caring about and listening to what matters to others including our self. It means formulating a vision that benefits everyone and forging a path to achieve the vision.

Life leadership makes express use of the leadership skills we have while recognizing, that there are new skills we need to add so we can improve and grow. A life leader is something you are and a way of being that you do everywhere with everyone.

Every one of us contributes to the shaping of our world. We make it – our world – every day through how we act and what we do. There are all sorts of ways we do this. We talk to people sharing our opinions, ideas and knowledge. We express opinions. We are emotional. We use our intellect. We build things like websites, gardens, highways or healthcare systems. We raise children, love our husband or partner and help our neighbors. We work, volunteer, vote, and build lives in cities and towns.

Most of us act automatically not really realizing how we are impacting and creating our world through our actions – what we say and what we do. Sometimes our actions pay off and sometimes they don’t but most of the time we don’t give them a second thought either way.

Yet it is through each act, that each of us makes every day that our world is created. And strung together these acts cumulatively create our families, workplaces, communities, countries and world, even our universe.

The approach we take to each act we make, whether verbal or physical, is how we express leadership.

All of us can be intentional about how we lead. So start noticing now how you show up as a leader. How do you make a difference? Are you satisfied? How do you want to improve? Then go for it. Be the life leader you were born to be.

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