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Spending Monday with Hurricane Sandy

Monday, October 29, 2012

I’m not sure what I should be doing today. It’s Monday. But it’s also the day everyone from Georgia to Maine are bracing for Hurricane Sandy, billed as the biggest storm in most of our lives, 1000 miles across.

A large part of me sits here at my desk trying to do my usual Monday morning activities – look over my session roster, file odds and ends, make a list of goals for the week and go through email. On the other hand, I want to call all my family and friends checking in on them to be sure they’re prepared for the storm, offer our home if they need it. And I want to rest so I can finally kick this cold to the curb.

But my usual routine has been interrupted. I find myself almost obsessively drawn to CNN and the Weather Channel. We spent the weekend preparing, along with millions of other people, for the big storm. In the midst of an awful sinus and bronchial infection (exacerbated by drastic shifts in the barometric pressure) we loaded wood, cleared any remains of summer furnishings, put all the gardening supplies safely in the shed and filled pots with water. I cooked without my usual vigor, instead napping between chopping and sautéing but still managed to create good nourishing meals for the next several days.

We’re ready. Now what?

I’m wondering what opportunity exists in the midst of this emergency?

I would like to be calm, meditate and listen to Mother Nature as she pummels us with her awesome power. I want to be in close touch with loved ones. I want to care for my scared fur children. These are the intentions I’ll be setting for today. What about you?

I hope and pray that all of you out there anywhere near this storm remain safe. And please, all the rest of you, send us love and protection. We need it

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