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Beauty Sleep & So Much More

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I have a dirty little secret – I love sleep. I go to sleep before midnight every night including weekends and I wake up between 8 and 8:30 every morning without an alarm. This way I don’t get grumpy – as my friend Clare would say. So why is this a dirty little secret? Because somewhere along the line sleep deprivation got associated with being successful, a real go-getter, being a winner. Many of my clients suffer from sleep deprivation but the mere mention of getting more sleep is met with more resistance than pretty much any other challenge I make in my work. And believe me my work is often about turning the way one does things on tilt.

But it turns out I might just be on the cutting edge. Seems loads of folks are striving for more sleep. In fact, it seems the next big business scheme might be sleep-cations. According to Dr. Michael J. Breus, sleep tourism may be the next big thing.

Here is where I stand on this. When I work hard and save my money for a vacation, I want to be wide awake to enjoy it. Even when I go to a spa I want to be awake enough to appreciate the pampering services. This position is not just good for vacationing though. It’s also is good for my health.

In a study released last year, “researchers at the University of Warwick linked a lack of sleep to a range of disorders which often result in early death.” Sleep deprivation increases the risks of all sorts of potentially life threatening diseases like heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.

I’m a bit weird because while I love work and feel very fortunate to do work that is fulfilling and earns me a nice living I also love life. I want to live as long as possible. I want to squeeze every ounce of breath out of this single shot at this thing we call life. So if I need to sleep to do that then I’m going to figure out how to do that. What about you?

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