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"She continues to teach me how to achieve anything I want to achieve, be anyone I want to be no matter how many people say it can’t be done. I’m learning how to be closer to my girlfriend, build my business, have better friendships and be more creative." Read more

  • May 13, 2014

    So many people make the mistake of thinking that the most important issue in weighing whether something will succeed or not is if they can do what it takes to accomplish the goal.

    In this super competitive, lean and mean business environment I find myself working with clients all the time on how to make the most of situations in order to advance and succeed.

    You have to get to know how you lead – What are your strengths? What are your blind spots or deficits? Only then can you begin building your leadership toolbox, adding to the skills you already have.

    I think simple, memorable frameworks help so I created one. I call it Leadership: Inside, Outside and In-Between. Leading from the INSIDE are those internal characteristics necessary to lead. I define IN-BETWEEN as our interactive leadership skills. And, finally leading OUTSIDE, is about how we relate to the larger world outside of us, or the totality. 

    The other day I was speaking to a client. She was exploring how to best approach a career opportunity. This led us into a lively conversation of the context surrounding the opportunity.

    Why? Because without an exploration of the context she can’t be clear about which moves would result in better outcomes.

  • Apr 24, 2014
    posted in Life Coach, Therapy

    Life Coach versus Therapist - This or that?What’s the difference?

    There seems to be a good amount of discussion on the topic of the difference between life coaching and therapy, and I’ve had clients ask me about it. I have a unique perspective. I hold a Master’s of Science degree in Group Process/Psychotherapy from Drexel University and practiced for 20 years as a psychotherapist in private practice. Then 10 years ago I completed coach training and certification through The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and went on to receive Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF). I currently have a full-time coaching practice. I’m also the President Elect of ICF Philadelphia, and previously served two years as VP of Education providing continuing education learning for members.

    In my experience people seek out psychotherapy when they need help with challenging emotions from either within or as the result of circumstances. They want what’s “wrong” “fixed.” Where as, people generally seek coaching to enhance their life. They want to successfully move toward their future – either one they envision or they’re unclear about – and which they’re having difficulty actualizing on their own.

“My leadership coaching helps you identify who you are – both your strengths and vulnerabilities – and how to use them to go further than you ever thought possible in your career and life.”

Elizabeth C. Hechtman is passionate about people leading every aspect of their lives. For over 25 years she's collaborated with clients to be leaders in their families and relationships, at work, with friends, and with their finances, health and wellness.

Elizabeth's clients are c-suite professionals, entrepreneurs, middle managers, creative professionals, recent brides/grooms, stay-at-home parents, and singles. She lives in the Philadelphia suburbs.

She created this blog as a forum to disseminate the golden nuggets she learns everyday, bat around her views on leadership and and invite a rich dialogue about all of it.